WATCH: Preschool Girl Tells Teacher Her Dad ‘Grows a Ton of Weed at Home’

A preschool girl nearly got her dad in trouble with authorities after she told her teacher that he ‘grows a ton of weed at home’! She was also so sure about what she was saying that the teacher was quite concerned whether that was true or not! After all, it would be a big matter of concern if the dad was truly growing a lot of weed at home!

It was a good thing that the teacher did not immediately call the cops but decided to ask the dad, Dax Holt, about what his daughter Skylar had told her that day.

A shocked Holt later posted a video of him questioning his daughter about what she told her teacher that day – and the internet loved that! Skylar appears to realize that she had done something and might be in trouble for it but she managed to give honest answers to her dad.

Screenshot from video by Dax Holt / Facebook

The internet found her so adorable as she truthfully answered her dad’s questions.

Skylar was positive that her dad was definitely growing a ton of weed at home – and she was not about to back out of that statement. After all, she’s an honest girl.

Dad soon realized that he’s not going to win because Skylar was a very good witness. So, he asked her to show the people watching the video (and later her teacher) to point to evidence of the weed they are growing at home.

The girl quickly obliged, thankful that dad did not seem angry. What do you think happened next?

Watch this video and you’ll surely have a good laugh!

My child’s teacher: “so Skylar tells me you guys have a ton of weed at home.”
Me: “umm”
Teacher: “she said you’re growing it”

What is Weed?

By Pauk (Transferred from ru.wikipedia) [CC BY 1.0], via Wikimedia Commons

‘Weed’ is the street slang for marijuana; however, the word is not exclusively for the plant but is also actually a term used for grass! As you have seen in the video, the girl only meant they were growing grass at home – and has no idea that ‘weed’ meant marijuana. LOL.