Watch Jaw-Dropping Moment a Tiger Joins Swimming Man in a Pool

What would you do if you see a tiger approaching the pool while you are swimming? Would you attempt to run away or would you act coolly and let it dive in? I know that most of us will scramble out of the pool and run away as fast as we can but there are actually brave souls out there who would willingly welcome the creature and swim with them!

Of course, that only happens in a setting wherein the big cat is actually domesticated – a wild one just might tear you apart within an instant!

The video shared by African Dreams on YouTube was taken at South Africa’s Marakapula Reserve. A 9-month-old tiger named Caesar had previously suffered injuries and needed to undergo physical therapy to help strengthen his legs. The best way to do it is through swimming. This is the reason why the tiger was videotaped swimming with a man!

Still, swimming with a tiger, even one that has been “domesticated” a bit, is a dangerous thing to do as this wild creature just might change his mind and bite your head off. So, if you see a tiger approaching the swimming pool, get out of the water and get inside the house as fast as you can!

But don’t worry because we can still have fun watching this tiger play in the swimming pool with his mentor – there is no danger he is going to bite us from our computer/gadget screen, anyway!

Check out the video here:

Tiger Attacks on Humans

Of all the species of big cats, tigers are the ones that have been recorded to have attacked more humans compared with the others. In fact, according to the Wikipedia, records have shown that between 1800 and 2009, as many as 373,000 people (possibly more!) have died due to tiger attacks alone!

There could be a number of reasons why tigers attack humans, including moments when the big cat was caught by surprise, had felt threatened, or was interrupted while hunting/feeding. Some tigers also become man-eaters because of injuries, finding humans an easier target; many of these tigers have been reported in several places in India where humans have become a favorite meal even to healthy tigers!