Here’s a Fast and Easy Method to Make Kids Fall Asleep

Many of us know just how difficult it can be to make kids sleep – especially if there are other kids around or they are still in the mood to play and have a good time.

While there are those who resort to scolding to make their kids sleep, you do not really have to do that most of the time since there are easy ways to do that…

A lot of parents would, sooner or later, discover tricks that make their own kids feel drowsy and go to sleep but for those who haven’t figured out some way to do that, here’s a cool trick shared by Alilio Kids on Facebook.

All you have to do is gently massage the child’s head in slow, circular movements. The trick here is to do that slowly but continuously until the child feels drowsy. Of course, this might not work all the time; and the time it would take for the child to fall asleep would depend on several factors yet the hypnotizing effect of the circular movements will help the child calm down and eventually sleep.

Check out the video and tell us whether this worked on your kids or if you have other methods to send your babies to dreamland…

طريقة جديدة لجعل اطفالكم ينامون سريعا 😀 … ومفيد لالكبار احيانا :p

Posted by Alilio on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sleeping Patterns

It is a reality in life that sleeping patterns often vary with age. Babies and very old people tend to sleep the most hours and the number decreases towards the middle, at differing rates. Still, lucky are those parents whose kids follow similar sleeping patterns as they have.

For example, there are a lot of “horror” parenting stories about babies who sleep the entire day and stay awake the whole night, ruining their parents’ sleeping patterns and rest needs. Still, there are also plenty of stories about babies (like mine) who peacefully sleep through the night even if they also rested during day time.