Watch: Homeless People’s Awesome Transformation after a Day at the Spa

While many of those who provide assistance to the homeless only give food and clothes, Greg Benson and the folks at Ascencia homeless shelter made a touching “Prank it Forward” prank that gave several homeless people a chance to enjoy a wonderful day at the spa.

Although they were told that they will be given food and shelter for a day, they had no idea that a surprise was waiting for them when they arrived at the homeless shelter. For aside from the sumptuous meal that awaited them, they were also treated to spa services which included a massage and a makeover.

They enjoyed hot showers with spa amenities and were allowed to choose the clothes they wanted from a small “shopping center” set up inside the homeless shelter. After the shower and haircut sessions (with makeup sessions for the ladies), the transformation in these homeless people is amazing!

Not only did they look physically amazing, they also brightened up with the new feeling of hope and self-worth. A war veteran who was among these homeless people told Greg that he fought in Vietnam and, as a tough guy, was not used to showing emotions yet was clearly emotional but just couldn’t get himself to cry and hug the wonderful prankster host.

After their makeover, these people were treated to a sumptuous feast and were given waterproof jackets plus backpacks also filled with things they might need.

Truly, such a one-day-only help could not feed and make them clean for the rest of their lives yet this surely made a huge difference in making these people feel that someone in the world still wanted them and cared for them.

Prank It Forward

While most pranks make the recipient the intended laughingstock, prank it forward works in a different way in that the recipient is pranked into thinking they were doing one thing but end up receiving a lot of great surprises along the way. In short, it is a good kind of prank that benefits the one being pranked, not just make him the subject people laugh at when the prank is revealed.

There have been lots of cases of awesome pranks that ended up with the pranked subject receiving major surprises like a new home or new car!