Epic Fail: Girl Uses Paint Roller To Apply Fake Tan

Most women know how expensive it can be to get a tan. Some not-so-budget-friendly options for tanning include frequent sunbed, professional spray tan or probably going on a nice summer getaway.

If you can’t afford any of these, then your final choice would be to settle for a DIY fake tan. This route can give you the desired results without leaving a hole in your pocket. The downside, however, is that it can be a little time-consuming to apply on the body.

One girl on Facebook thought she figured out a perfect solution for the problem. Her idea, however, turned out to be a total disaster.

For her hack, this girl thought of using a simple tool we’re all familiar with – a paint roller!

Photo credit: via Metro

Photo credit: via Metro

Her aim, of course, is to decrease the time of fake tan application while simplifying the process at the same time. Unfortunately, things went horribly wrong as evidenced by the photo she later shared on social media.

The result looked really wrong and it miserably failed to give the tan an even look on her skin. Frankly, she looks like someone who just went for a round of mud wrestling.

On her Facebook post, she said she wouldn’t be going to work the following day. That, of course, is completely understandable. I’m guessing she’ll never try pulling this trick off again and she’d instead go through the regular method next time around.

How to Apply Fake Tan The Right Way

Along with the story above, Metro posted some tips for correct application of fake tan.

According to the website, it is extremely important to “choose a skin tone that compliments your natural coloring” to make the tan look natural. Instead of a paint roller, a mitt or glove should be used in applying fake tan and the process should be done “in circular motions.”

Metro likewise reminded their readers to “pay special attention to the knees, ankles and sides of your feet as they tend to be rougher.”