Meghan Trainor’s “Dear Future Husband” Goes Viral…And It’s Controversial!

Singer Meghan Trainor is no stranger to controversies for her songs which seem to provoke people into debating over the lyrics or its melody.

For example, “All About that Bass” was trending for weeks across the world, especially because people debated whether it was good to celebrate being overweight or should people need to understand that overweight people are more prone to developing various health issues – and that’s just one aspect of the lengthy debates…

Meghan’s single “Dear Future Husband”, released in March 2015, has once again the talk of town. A month after it was posted, the official music video posted on YouTube has gained over 31,250,000 views.

One of the issues hounding the song is its melody, which many people think was merely copied from “Dance With Me Tonight” by Olly Murs. It was easy for people to make a connection especially because danceable song had also gone viral, with close to 45 million views!

Also, people commented about how the voluptuous Meghan appears to really hate thin women, generalizes that men are pathological liars, and are useless if they are not strong and see their own family more than hers.

Many of the lines were also sexist. This one for instance, “’Cause if you treat me right, I’ll be the perfect wife / Buying groceries, buy-buying what you need.

It also shows her as a controlling freak, “Even if I was wrong, you know I’m never wrong. Why disagree? Why, why disagree?

A lot did not like the way she generalized things; though there were those who urged these bashers to lighten up. After all, this was just a song. And there always the possibility that this was satire!

Watch the video and check that out for yourself:

Here’s Olly Murs’ “Dance With Me Tonight”:

And here’s a video showing teens reacting to Meghan’s song:

Meghan Trainor

Born on December 22, 1993, Meghan Elizabeth Trainor is an accomplished singer-songwriter and record producer who began her career in songwriting at age 11. She became part of a band in high school and had already produced a self-titled album by the time she was 15.

Many of her work received criticism for not being progressive, dealing only on mundane subjects, yet she received a variety of award nominations for her songs.