WATCH: “Frankenstein Meat” Pulsates Like a Beating Heart

A woman from Shandong Province in China was shocked to find a slab of beef pulsating one hour after she bought it from the market. Horrified by what she saw, the woman recorded the moment on video.

In the 20-second clip uploaded on Weibo, the meat bought by a woman identified as Ms. Cheng appears to be slightly moving as if it’s  still alive. Ms. Cheng was about to slice the meat when she noticed it twitching.

“It looks like it is still alive, or that there are worms or something inside. However when I cut it open I didn’t find any worms, just twitching,” she said.

Initially, Ms. Cheng suspected there were worms inside the meat causing it to twitch. However, she failed to find any worms after cutting it.

According to Lv Suwen, an expert at a local animal department, the twitching or spasms occurred because the nerve endings have not died yet. Suwen also claimed that the meat was freshly slaughtered.

“The central nervous system is dead but the nerve endings in the muscles are still firing resulting in the jumping, because the nerves are not yet dead. This will stop after a short time,”  Suwen explained.

Ms. Cheng claimed to have bought the meat at around 8 am and began to slice it at around 9 am. However, it was not determined when the meat was slaughtered.

Several social media users have considered going vegetarian after watching the disturbing footage that gained at least 11 million clicks on Weibo.

Watch the video below.

Video of Pulsating Meat Appears to be Fake

Chris Martin, an Australian butcher from Lucas Meats in Sydney, believes that the controversial video is fake.

According to Martin, the meat would only move if it was cut within 90 seconds of butchering the animal.

“When an animal is killed there will often be involuntary spasms,” Martin explained.

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