VIRAL: Teen Escapes Danger by Acting Like a Ghost

Through a viral Facebook post, a certain Khyati Khandelwal detailed how a 17-year-old girl from Delhi, India was able to escape two men attempting to molest her in an unusual way.

The teen, who refused to be named, pretended to be possessed by an evil spirit after two men grabbed her in a relatively isolated part of Punjabi Bagh on May 8. Apparently, her strange tactic worked and scared one of the men who tried to overpower her.



“She acted as if she was a ghost and started speaking in a paranormal way, she would laugh hard at times, and the next moment just stare at the men’s faces. (Very fortunately, she had left her house with open, unkept hair) Looking at this, one of the two got extremely scared and resorted to run, while the other one was determined that there is nothing to worry about,” Khandelwal narrated.

Although she was able to drive one of them away, the other man was not convinced and continued to execute his evil plan. Unfazed, the teen continued acting like a ghost with a more dramatic and convincing performance.

“Without thinking, she scratched the guy’s hand so that it would bleed and began to rub His blood on her face while laughing as loud and evil as she could.As gross as it sounds, it worked and the second man too, got completely scared and left her, running away, too,” she added.

Rape in India

Considered a massive problem in India, rape against women is the fourth most common crime against women in the country. India’s National Crime Record Bureau revealed that the number of reported rape cases in India has risen since 2010 with nearly one in three rape victims under the age of 18 and one in 10 under the age of 14.

The alarming rise in rape cases has triggered protests and urged the Indian government to reform its penal code for rape and sexual assault crimes.

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