WATCH: Clever Cat Refuses to Enter Cat Door. Instead, It Unlocks Front Door of Owner’s House

Although Brian Rickett of Cabot, Arkansas spent an hour and half in building a cat door for his pet Philo, his efforts seemed futile.

Apparently, his smart kitty would rather enter his home’s front door the human way, according to a story on Henspark. Unbelievably, Philo was capable of unlocking the door like any human being.

Fortunately, Rickett was able to capture everything on video and uploaded it on YouTube on August 18. Of course, the awesome video took the Internet by storm. As of this writing, the video has been viewed more than 2 million times.

Philo is certainly not the only cat with such special ability. In fact, there are numerous video compilations of cats opening doors posted on YouTube. But the fact that Philo ignored a newly installed cat door makes the situation even more hilarious.

Watch the funny video below.

The 10 Most Intelligent Animals

When it comes to intelligence, being big doesn’t necessarily make you better. In fact, in the list of the most intelligent animals created by neuropsychiatrist Jon Lieff, both big and small creatures were included. Humans and other primates, which are highly intelligent animals, were purposely not included in the list.

Check out the 10 most intelligent animals.

  1. Bees- To solve problems in their everyday lives, bees use abstract concepts as well as symbolisms.
  2. Octopus– Unknown to many, these marine organisms can communicate using patterns, colors, and flashing, spread cultural information, and mimic others.
  3. Elephant– Depending on their health or lifetime, elephants can remember friends and enemies for half a century or more.
  4. Ants– Long before humans established it, the ants have already developed agriculture.
  5. Dolphins– In captivity, these highly intelligent marine mammals remember the communications of their tank mates for at least 20 years.
  6. Crows– Believe it or not, crows understand the Archimedes principle.
  7. Cockatoo– These curious and playful birds use multi-step techniques to solve problems.
  8. Anole lizards– With extraordinary memories, anoles can count and exhibit advanced learning and problem solving.
  9. Dogs– Considered as man’s best friend, these animals can accurately read human emotions.
  10. Whale – Whales uses team work for creative fishing techniques.