Identical Quadruplets Couldn’t Stop Hugging Each Other – But Two Of Them Never Hugged

Did you play the Sims game? Do you remember how it was when you are trying to increase your friendship with one sim and you repeatedly do one action?


How about how you and your friends act after you all drink too much?

UNILAD, through their Facebook group, posted a video that will give you nostalgia and drunk memories.

Baby 1


The video is of four babies who seem to be having a hug party. It all started when baby-pink-long-sleeves tried to hug baby-white-pink-lining.

Baby 2


Baby-white-pink-lining hugged baby-printed-overall instead so baby-pink-long-sleeves stood and wait so she can also hug baby-printed-overall.

And that started it all.

Baby 3


The video lasted for 1 minute and 34 seconds but all the four babies ever did was hug each other, it’s cute when you see them tap the back of the one they are hugging.

Watch the video below:

Cuteness confusion

Over the course of the video, there were a lot of people in the comments who noticed that two babies never hugged each other. Some were bothered and some were speculating why.

You had to re-watch the video, didn’t you?

Ok, strangely so, the two that never hugged were the ones who started the hugging party. Were they confused and thought they already hugged because they all look the same?

People were all saying that they were rooting for the two to hug. But were sorry that they didn’t hug at all.

Some people even said that somebody has to contact the parents and get those two to hug.

In all seriousness, we are sure that these people meant this observation to be just light-hearted and not a negative comment per se.

I admit, I also wanted the two to hug.

Identical quadruplets

As amazing as these little babies already know how to give love, what’s more amazing is that they were full-termed identical quadruplets, which is rare because most of the time, even twins are delivered early.

Baby 4


Hats off to the mom and dad of these babies for teaching these babies about spreading the love.