Connecticut Police Uses Crash Simulator To Emphasize Importance of Seat Belts

In an attempt to emphasize the value of wearing seat belts, the Connecticut State Police Department came up with a creative way to get their message across. The police worked closely with the University of Hartford Department of Public Safety so they can demonstrate the significant role of wearing seat belts when driving.

Aptly-named “The Convincer,” this crash simulator is an effective tool in persuading people to consistently buckle up each time they ride a vehicle. The machine allows a user to feel the intensity of a 5mph collision. As it appears, the Convincer illustrates the point quite well.

Aside from the Convincer, the Connecticut cops also have a rollover simulator and a crash dummy which shows what would possibly happen during such an accident. The students were attentive during the demonstration and it’s safe to sum up that the message was well-received.

You can watch the video here:

Seat Belts and Car Accidents

According to a report released by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, “motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause of death among those aged 1 to 54 in the U.S.” In short, car-related accidents are a major problem not only in the country but across the world.

Although experts have repeatedly declared that seat belts are useful in minimizing crash injuries, many adults still insist on not wearing them whenever they are on a trip.

Studies confirm that out of the teens (those ages 13 to 20 years old) that died in car crashes in 2012, more than half of them (55%) weren’t wearing their seat belts when their vehicle crashed. Adults ages 18 to 34, CDC adds, are “less likely to wear seat belts than adults age 35 or older.” Aside from seat belts, air bags can also provide excellent protection for passengers.

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