Adorable Chinese Girl with Awesome Street Magic Gets 1.5 Million Followers

An adorable Chinese girl is social media’s latest darling as she performs awesome street magic.

This young lady reportedly has over 1.5 million followers on Chinese social media – and that’s quite incredible considering she’s just a young girl. Her fans just could not get enough of this charming little lady who has a ready smile for her audience aside from showing them her magic tricks.

Photo credit: South China Morning Post / YouTube

Quite a number of netizens were also impressed that this young lady is busy practicing her magic tricks instead of simple focusing on her mobile phone, just like what most kids do these days.

The 7-year-old girl, whose name was yet to be revealed, but she has impressed many netizens.

Photo credit: South China Morning Post / YouTube

She performs various types of street magic, including making eggs move around or disappear under some bowls. She would put one egg in each bowl, yet two eggs would be in one bowl and the other would be empty when she opens them both!

This adorable young thing simply knows how to keep her audience entertained as she does her tricks, perhaps distracting them best with her charming voice and big smile.

Photo credit: South China Morning Post / YouTube

So talented at this young age, we are certainly looking forward to seeing more of her in the future as she continues to hone her skills.

It’s a pleasure to watch her. It’s simple, but so amazing,” an adoring fan wrote.

But other netizens were not impressed, telling the others to watch the video at the slowest speed so you will see just how she was able to do the tricks. Of course, ‘magic tricks’ are really just a sleight of hand – and many netizens pointed this out, commenting that they know for sure that the girl had a way of hiding the eggs and making them ‘appear’ again.

Photo credit: South China Morning Post / YouTube

The real ‘magic’ there is that this girl could easily trick people with those fast moves!

Watch the charming girl in action in this video: