Viral Video: A Toddler’s Adorable ABCs

John David has Down syndrome but that did not stop him from becoming one of the most adorable toddlers on the internet.

He is so adorable, in fact, that a video of him reciting his ABCs with mommy Hannah Marlin has gone viral on the web, gaining praise and positive feedback from the community!

He’s a special gift from God, Hannah surely knows that! And his mom could not help but feel proud of this adorable bundle of joy who is such a friendly little kid. As you can see in the video below, this charming boy already knows how to recite his ABCs!

What makes his version of the ABCs somewhat different from the other kids’ is that he does it with feelings! You can just see him working hard to recite the letters, then give a huge smile when he gets it done.

The biggest obstacle, however, was letter “w” which, by the way, is something that many toddlers do stumble upon. He stops for a few seconds upon reaching the letter but lets out a squeal and a huge smile when he finally says it!

Isn’t this child adorable? It is great that Hannah treats John David like another other child, teaching him stuff that would surely help in his development.

Check out the adorable video here:

Alphabets of the World

Did you know that there are variations to the English alphabet all over the world? There are languages that base their letters on the English alphabet but vary the letters a bit or add their own in the list. One perfect example is that of the Philippines’ Filipino which includes the letters “ñ” and “ng” with the other letter of the English alphabet.

However, there are also other alphabets that are very different from the English alphabet, with letters that look alien from what we are used to but are completely understood by those who use them.

There are also a number of mystery alphabets from unknown languages of long-lost civilizations that remain un-decoded to this day, even after years of extensive research and study by the world’s renowned scientists.