Heartbroken Dog Broke Down When She Realized She Was Being Abandoned

The reality that people don’t see in dog shelters is the amount of pain that the dogs that are surrendered feel.

Some of these dogs have learned to love the family that they grew up with, only to find out that they will be dumped at the shelter and never to be reunited with them again.

Such is the story of Electra the Pitbull who broke thousands of hearts as her video was uploaded on Facebook.

4-year-old Electra was left at the shelter by her former family. When she realized this, you can see the pain on her face and you can’t help but be sad for her.

Electra 1


The poor dog looked sadly through the wires of her cages hoping that her owners would come back for her and take her with them. But when she realized that she was being left behind, she looked sadly on the floor with the most heartbreaking sadness on her face.

Electra 2


The video that was posted on Facebook gained thousands of views, and Electra became the face of reality in shelters for abandoned dogs.

One of the people who saw the video was Tiffany Tan, she runs a dog shelter JL Animal Rescue in California. She said she raced to the pound after hearing the news about Electra.

She has managed to match Electra with a loving family who was “always home.”

Electra 3


Tiffany told News.com.au that she checked on Electra every day after she got adopted.

“This dog, you will not believe this dog now,”

“She’s a single mum and she has a daughter that’s sixteen.” She said about the family.

She said she has checked the dog every day since her first day, and she is happy now.

“I’ve gone over every day to check on her, I had to check her temperament. She’s an amazing dog, she’s not the same dog we took out of a shelter.”

“She’s so snugly, she just wants to snuggle you.”