Woman Goes Viral for Driving Taxi Because Old Driver was Really Sleepy

If the taxi driver tells you to get out and find another ride because he’s feeling really sleepy, what would you do? Well, the answer certainly depends on the circumstances but most would end up with the passenger complaining about it and refusing to get out.

A young lady recently went viral after revealing she drove a taxi because the old driver was really sleepy.

Cristina Tan posted on Facebook how she experienced being a taxi driver for the first time.

She narrated that they were already on the way when the taxi driver suddenly told her to get out and find another taxi because he was feeling really sleepy. Seeing that the old driver was serious but feeling afraid of following his instructions because she might not find another taxi in the area, she told him she’d be the one to drive.

It was still a long way from that location to her home and the driver wouldn’t also believe she knows how to drive a manual transmission car but she insisted. The old driver felt a bit embarrassed but seeing her determined face, he finally agreed.

They switched positions – and the sooner they drove off, the old man fell asleep at the back of the car. He was even snoring. LOL.

While on the way, a lot of people tried to hail the cab and were quite surprised to see a beautiful young lady on the wheel.

According to Tan, the driver is already 70 years old but still drives a cab to support his family because he only had female children.

When they arrived at their destination, Tan woke him up. She would later share her experience on Facebook as she was quite amused with her first time to drive a taxi.

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