Video Shows Two Women Twerking on Moving SUV During Rush Hour Traffic

Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, even to the most careful of individuals; but there are just some people who love to court danger by doing things that sometimes defy common sense.

Jackie Friedhiff, a Washington University employee, had just gotten out of his work that day and was driving on I-64 in Missouri when he caught sight of two women twerking on top of a moving SUV.

Photo credit: Jackie Friedhiff – KSDK News / YouTube

Considering that this was rush hour and the SUV was heading near St. Louis Science Center’s pedestrian bridge, there was heavy traffic in the area, yet the ladies seemed to be having fun with their twerking activities.

The women were holding on to the roof of the moving SUV, happily twerking as a third woman could be seen leaning out of the window with a phone on her hand, obviously taking photos or a video of the dangerous stunt.

Photo credit: Jackie Friedhiff – KSDK News / YouTube

Friedhiff shared a video of the incident with the caption, “Leaving work today & see the this…No comment.

While the ladies might claim they were just having fun, cops weren’t amused, especially because over 900 vehicular accidents were reported in Missouri over the weekend due to snowstorms experienced in the area.

Photo credit: Jackie Friedhiff – KSDK News / YouTube

The women as well as the driver are not just putting themselves in danger but are also endangering the lives of the other people on that highway!

They could fall off of the car and cause other drivers to wreck. It’s a dangerous situation for themselves and other drivers. They could fall off and create a fatal accident,” warned a spokesperson for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

We do not encourage anyone to try anything like this ever. You are supposed to be in your car when you drive.

Photo credit: Jackie Friedhiff – KSDK News / YouTube

The ladies and the driver broke several city ordinances with the dangerous stunt, including laws that made it mandatory for passengers to wear seat belts at all times, prohibition on ‘riding on the exterior of a moving vehicle’, and maintaining a minimum speed level on this busy highway.

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