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VIDEO: Man Eats Mud to Stay Healthy

A man consuming mud for the last 17 years claims that his bizarre habit has made him disease-free.

Rameshwar, a farmer living in Uttar Pradesh’s Muradabad district in India has become popular in his city because of his strange appetite for mud. He consumes it on a regular basis and believes that his weird diet keeps him fit and healthy.

PHOTO CREDIT: Decan Chronicle
PHOTO CREDIT: Decan Chronicle

In fact, he has made mud his “bread and butter” as he eats 500 grams of mud every day.

According to Rameshwar, he started eating mud after suffering from a disease that caused blood to come out from his mouth. His doctors told him that there is no cure to his disease. Following this, Rameshwar began consuming mud that he believes cured his disease.

“When I got bathe in the Ganga, I eat sand. It keeps my stomach clean,” he said.

A local doctor said Rameshwar’s habit can cause him trouble.

“This is a disorder known as Pica. It is mainly found in children due to deficiency of calcium and mineral. But gradually it becomes a psychological disorder that creates the urge to consume such substances,” the doctor said.

According to the doctor, long term consumption of mud can cause ulcer and affect the appetite.

Watch the video below.

The Symptoms of PICA

Individuals with PICA compulsively eat non-food items with no nutritional value. While some items being consumed are relatively harmless, the disorder may also lead to serious consequences such as poisoning. It commonly affects children and pregnant women and is usually temporary.

According to Healthline, a person must eat nonfood items for at least one month to have this disorder.

Here are some of the things that you may eat regularly if you have Pica.

  • ice
  • buttons
  • soap
  • hair
  • clay
  • sand
  • dirt
  • cigarette ashes or unused remainder of a cigarette
  • glue
  • paint
  • feces
  • chalk

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3-Year-Old Girl has Strange Condition that Keeps Her Awake During the Night




Everyone needs to sleep as this is the time the body needs to rejuvenate itself and keep you fresh the day after but there is this one girl who is awake all the time and her bizarre condition has frightened her parents.

Jessica, 3, acts like any other normal kid during the day. She plays, socializes, and haves fun with her parents. She also eats just like kids her age and does most things that children normally do.

Photo credit: Viral TRND / Facebook

At night, however, she acts differently. She does not sleep at all but while she is awake during the night, she does not interact with the people around her at all. It’s rather weird. It’s like she lives in a different world during the night – and that’s quite creepy, if you come to think of it.

According to her mother Tanya, “In the day time, she’s aware that everyone is there and if you spoke to her she would answer you. Whereas at night, it’s like you don’t exist.

Jessica’s parents have taken her to many doctors so they could try to solve her condition. One diagnosed her with epilepsy but after a couple of rigorous tests, her real condition has been discovered: eidetic imagery.

What is Eidetic Imagery?

Eidetic imagery is a medical condition wherein the patient sees vivid mental images that could be derived from an actual event or experience; however, it is also possible that the images are entirely made up or merely products of the patient’s imagination.

While the condition is not common, it has actually been identified in the early twentieth century.

Photo credit: Viral TRND / Facebook

With the diagnosis finally came the answers as to why Jessica acts bizarrely during the night. According to experts, Jessica is awake during this strange dream state but is merely acting out her actions, such as playing with her friends, even if she is on ‘night mode’.

Experts have also assured Tanya that Jessica is very much aware of what is happening around her in her ‘dream’ state; thus, they have no reason to fear that she might harm herself just like other sleepwalkers.

Child psychologists are now working with Jessica’s parents to find a solution to her condition so that she could finally sleep, something that her body and brain definitely need.

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Man Accidentally Gets Killed By An Unpinned Grenade He Used For A Selfie




Grenade Image

Our society has become superficial in the past decade. How do you live your life if the standard of society has become based on how many likes you get on Facebook, how many followers you have on Instagram, or how many re-tweets your Tweets got?

Sometimes, unfortunately, at the expense of getting more likes, people end up doing something stupid just for the sake of being “cool.”

See: Are These the Most Dangerous Selfies Ever Taken?

Take this 26-year-old from Russia, Alexander Chechik who accidentally killed himself while trying to appear “cool.”

The man decided to unpin a grenade and take a picture of him so he can send it to his friends.

Grenade 2

Earlier that day, Chechik sent a photo of himself with a grenade with its pin removed. This prompted his friends to panic and ask if he was ok.

“Where are you? Are you ok?”

To which he answered, “Depends on what ok is in your understanding?”

Then he sent an image of the grenade without the pin.

His friend was obviously panicking at this moment.

“Listen, don’t do stupid things. Where are you?”

Grenade 1

Ideas Fun shared that this is how the police found Chechik inside his car. According to the police report, they believe that Chechik thought that you can remove the pin of a grenade without it exploding. He thought that it will only explode if you throw it.

Apparently, he learned that lesson too late.

This is a sad tale of a sudden demise of someone who clearly had no plans to commit suicide.

What are grenades?

These are small bombs that have a small pin on the top part, pulling the pin will detonate the bomb. It is normally used in wars where the grenade is unpinned and then thrown at the direction of the enemy. This is to distract the enemies by the loud sound and the shrapnel and debris that flies around when a grenade explodes.

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Which One Is The Mom? This 40-Year-Old Mom Seems To Have Found The Fountain Of Youth




Young Booker Image

A lot of people are investing in their physical attributes. While some spend millions of dollars just to remain beautiful, some are just blessed with good genes or are just good at taking care of themselves.

Just look at this 50-year-old mom from Indonesia who went viral 2 months ago when her photos celebrating her 50th birthday were posted by her sons. The netizens went crazy at how gorgeous and young she looks!

Another incredibly pretty mom is this 40-year old from Nova Scotia who has been posting photos of herself and her two daughters, Oddity Central shares to us.

The netizens are going crazy again as they can’t tell who the mom is from the photos that are being posted.

Young Booker Image

For a while now, 40-year old Kienya Booker has been posting photos of her and her daughters, K’Lienya, 18 and the younger one Kolieya, 16. It has been slowly gaining followers because of her amazing hairstyles, but all went crazy when she posted this collage.

She claimed that it was her favorite. The photo shows a photo of the three of them while her daughters were still young. A second photo shows them in the same position in the photo but looking like they’re just sisters!

From 60,000 followers, it rose up to 88,000 in just a matter of days. Come on, let’s be honest, if you didn’t know that she is 40, would it cross your mind that she is their mom?

This beautiful mother also has a 4-year old son. A lot of people couldn’t help but admire the beauty that this mom has, some even concluded that she was a vampire because that is the only “logical” reason for her looks.

Some, however, were negative and thinks that she is just doing it for fame or she gave birth young. But to all these even if she got thrown off at first, Kienya preferred to focus on the positive.

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