UK Company Sells Bottled ‘Fresh Air’ in 500-ml Bottles, Items Actually Got Sold Out

A company in the UK is selling bottled ‘fresh air’ in 500-ml bottles. But while many people are laughing over the silly product, the items actually got sold out! Who on earth would buy ‘fresh air’ in bottles, huh? Well, the company is getting the last laugh!

Company Sells out ‘Fresh Air’ in Bottles

These days, there are so many odd things you can buy off the internet, yet one company initially got laughed at for selling ‘fresh air’ in 500-ml bottles. After all, though there’s a COVID-19 pandemic still going on, no one in their right mind would buy ‘fresh air’ in bottles, right?

Photo credit: My Baggage

Well, netizens got it wrong. Apparently, there are so many people who wanted to buy the bottled ‘fresh air’ that the items got sold out pretty quickly.

You might think it is a prank or something out of “The Lorax” movie, but My Baggage shop and luggage shipping company quickly sold out bottles of ‘fresh air’ for “Brits who miss the smell of home”.

The product comes in four variants: Scottish Air, English Air, Welch Air, and Irish Air. But they also offer two ‘limited edition’ products: the London Underground Edition and the Fish and Chips Edition.

So far in 2020, My Baggage has bottled authentic air from the London Underground, Fish and Chip’s aroma from Norfolk, and fresh mist from the summit of Snowdonia,” the company announced.

Whether you are missing a freshly cut village green or inner-city London, get in touch today with us so we can send a little blast of Britain your way.

Each 500-ml bottle costs £25.00 ($33.40), but it promises to provide the authentic smell of home for Brits living far away.

Photo credit: My Baggage

We wanted to help them [UK residents living abroad] reconnect with home and we know from published research that our sense of smell is very evocative when it comes to emotions,” a spokesperson for the company explained.

By allowing recipients to take a deep breath of the air from their home country we’re hoping to ease homesickness and help them settle into their new life, wherever that may be.

What’s “The Lorax”?

The Lorax is a character created by Dr. Seuss, real name Theodor Seuss “Ted” Geisel. The orange, mustachioed titular character was believed to have been patterned on the patas monkey but the character in the book is depicted as a smallish, oldish orange creature who “speaks for the trees”.

In the movie version, Thneedville’s greedy mayor Aloysius O’Hare capitalizes on the area’s heavy pollution by selling bottled ‘fresh air’.

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