Clean Market in Southern Philippines Goes Viral

Markets in the Philippines (and many parts of the world for that matter) are known to be wet and dirty to some extent – and the paths in between the stalls are often narrow and wet, making it difficult for consumers to buy goods if they are bringing small kids along.

But while such could be said with most markets, there are some that deviate from the norm – and these are quite rare and very admirable!

For this reason, the public market in Maramag, Bukidnon in southern Philippines has gone viral.

The public market was featured in a series of photos shared by TV Patrol Southern Mindanao. In these photos, it is clear to see that this public market is clean and awesome! Not only are there wide, dry spaces for consumers to walk on as they find goods across the market, the stalls also look well maintained and clean.

By the way, while most markets have concrete floors, the one in Maramag has tiled floors!

Aside from the clean paths, the market also features clean and spacious toilets.

Food stalls in this lovely public market appear to have granite counters. As with the rest of the public market, these food stalls are clean and spacious. Tables and chairs are also provided in this public market food court – and you might easily think you were in a mall’s food court instead of just being inside the market food court!

Of course, this one might not really be equal with the ones in air conditioned malls since only ceiling fans keep the place cool but compared with food stalls and food courts in other markets in the country, this truly is a cut above the rest!

Photo credit: TV Patrol Southern Mindanao (Official)

Photo credit: TV Patrol Southern Mindanao (Official)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if other public markets in the country were as spacious, clean, and lovely? I bet if that happens, more people would go shopping in the markets instead of in the malls!