These Two Tricks Will Help Clear Your Stuffy Nose Instantly

There’s nothing as irritating as getting a stuffy nose because of a cold or flu. A stuffy nose isn’t only inconvenient but may also affect one’s productivity and concentration to complete a task.

With the change in weather conditions brought about by global warming, a stuffy nose can be as common as the common cold. However, there are some helpful tricks to clear your stuffy nose in an instant even without the help of over-the-counter (OTC) medicine.

1. Tongue Tap Trick

The first trick is to push the tongue against the top of your mouth on the palate. Release the tongue and immediately press the area between the eyebrows on the forehead with the index and middle finger. Repeat this for about 20 seconds.

This method will shake a bone on the forehead back and forth, clearing the sinus cavities on the nose area.

clear stuffy nose

The tongue tap trick may be a silly trick to clear your stuffy nose, but it sure does work!
Photo Credit: YouTube / Prevention Magazine

2. The “hold your breath” method

The second trick is the “hold your breath” method. All you need to do is to incline your head back a bit and pinch your nose. It is important to hold your breath as long as you possibly can. Once, you cannot hold it anymore take a deep breath. Voila! Your sinuses will clear.

This method will send a signal to your brain telling that you are not getting enough oxygen. The survival mechanism will come in, thus clearing your sinuses, so you can get air.

These two tricks may really be odd, but they will surely work in clearing up your stuffy nose.

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Decongestants and Hypertension

Having a cold and a stuffy nose is really inconvenient. To get relief from having colds (and a stuffy nose), many people choose otc decongestants. However, taking decongestants like Triaminic and Dimetapp Cold Drops, can have disadvantages. According to AARP, taking these medications can cause our blood pressure to rise and interfere with the effectiveness of prescription medications that control blood pressure.

People who have a a heart condition, high blood pressure, diabetes, glaucoma or an overactive thyroid are advised to seek professional health advice before using a decongestant.

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