Let’s Spread Love: Little Angel With Lymphagioma Needs Our Assistance This Christmas

Babies are a joy to every family. They bring life to every household. Just the sound of their squeals and laughter is enough to brighten up a person’s day.

But when a baby is sick, or not feeling well, you can’t help but feel that if only you can take the discomfort and pain away just so it won’t be felt by the baby, you will.

This is what Arvi Jane Pesto felt when she saw Zhyrille. Zhyrille has a congenital malformation called lymphangioma. It is a condition where there are malformations of the lymphatic system that makes it look like a tumor.

Zhyrille 2


Dr. Kathleen Joy Taleon, a doctor in Pediatrics for the Philippine General Hospital explains that it only looks like a tumor but it is not cancerous.

She added that the most common treatment was to have it removed completely.

Arvi was in PSCO that time asking for help for her mother when she saw Zhryille. She felt the condition of the baby tug at her heart that is why she made a move to ask for help.

She reached out to ABS-CBN to ask for help, as the parents of Zhyrille does not have regular jobs, and Zhryille has to be operated for the tumor to be removed.

Zhyrille 1


Currently, Zhyrille is undergoing oral chemotherapy that will last for three months, for the tumor to lessen. So they can continue with the removal operation.

The family is now humbly seeking for help, thank you for the efforts of Arvi and those who extended their help.

If you wish to give out some of your blessings and help this precious baby have a better life, you may do so by depositing to the following accounts.

ABS-CBN Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation Inc. – Sagip Kapamilya

BDO Account Number: 393-011-4199

BPI Account Number: 305-111-2775

Metrobank Account Number: 636-3-636-08808-1

PNB Account Number: 419-539-5000-13