8 Swaps to a Better, Healthier Lifestyle

Some people think that having a better, healthier lifestyle is difficult to follow. At the beginning of every year, a lot of people usually make a list of resolutions to improve their lifestyle. However, as the months go by, they would usually abandon their goals.

There are many ways, however, to improve and have a healthier lifestyle without having to make drastic changes. Just a few simple swaps in that we can actually do improve our lifestyle.

Here are 8 swaps we could try in order to have a better, healthier lifestyle:

Swap #1 : Eat at the table instead of on the couch.

Eating on the couch would actually make you increase your food intake. When we are amused with what we are watching, it can be hard to keep track of how much we are eating. So, instead of bringing your food in front of the TV, eat at the table, instead, if you want to control how much calories you want to consume.

Swap #2 : Read a book or a newspaper or magazine instead of surfing online.

When we go online to get information, time can pass by so fast that we are unable to do other more productive activities. Moreover, spending a long time in front of the monitor can also strain our eyes. Instead of going online to get information, try reading a good book or grab a newspaper or magazine.

girl reading

Try reading a book instead of surfing online for a change.
Photo Credit: Aussie Writers’ Convention

Swap #3 : Eat full meals instead of skipping them and pigging out when hungry.

Many people who want to control their weight have this notion that skipping meals can help them manage their weight. However, when we skip meals, we tend to get hungrier and eat more. So instead of skipping meals, eat full meals. You would a lot fuller longer.

Swap #4 : Call instead of texting or chatting.

Technology has made communication easier without having to connect with people. When was the last time you had an intimate talk with a loved one? Instead of texting or chatting, try making a call either via mobile or online. You voice may already be missed by a loved one who has been thinking of you for a while.

Swap #5 : Wear colors instead of black.

Wearing black creates a slimmer look, and it’s a safe choice of color too. However, wearing this color all the time can be a bit boring. Try wearing colors instead. Different colors can improve your mood and disposition.

Swap #6 : Prepare and consume fresh fruit juices instead of canned ones.

Everything in this age is already instant. If you want some fruit juice, you just need to buy one in can. However, if you’d really like to be healthier, try spending some time preparing fresh ones. They would definitely be safer without any preservatives and they have less sugar and sodium as well.

Swap #7 : Instead of working under the covers, work at your desk.

The coziness of our bed is tempting, especially if you are working remotely. However, if you get used to this, it would be difficult to establish your working space and your personal space. Try working at your desk, instead. Not only will you be able to be more productive as you will be able to concentrate on your work, but you will also feel relaxed during your bedtime.

Swap #8 : Steam or boil food instead of frying.

Fried foods are definitely more flavorful, but it has a lot of calories. Instead of consuming fried food, try steaming or boiling them for a change. It’s a lot healthier.

These swaps are just a few things you could try to have an improved lifestyle. It may be challenging at first, but it would be effective in the long run. Remember, small simple steps can bring you closer to you goal.

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