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Two Sisters Carry Twins for the Same Guy, Give Birth on the Same Day

Two sisters recently went viral for carrying the twins of the same guy – and they even gave birth on the same day! But it’s not as bad or shameful as you think. The two are not sharing the same husband. Instead, the other sister was just helping out her sibling and her husband who were unable to have a child for years.

Chris and Anne are sisters who both live in Ohio, USA.

Photo credit: Feedy TV

Anne and her husband had been trying to have a baby but had no luck for 5 years. She was getting discouraged with each failure she experienced.

Photo credit: Feedy TV

Knowing how much her sister wanted to have a child, Chris offered to carry the baby for the couple. Because there’s also no assurance that an in vitro fertilization will be successful for Chris, Anne decided that she would also give it a try. With the embryos placed in both sisters, Anne believed this would give them a higher chance of actually having a baby.

Soon, Chris tested positive – and it was discovered that she was carrying twins! But quite amazingly, Anne also got pregnant – and she was also carrying twins.

Photo credit: Feedy TV

While previous pregnancies ended in a miscarriage for Anne, it seems that carrying the twins alongside her sister made her much tougher than before. Thanks to Chris’ offer to become a surrogate for the couple, the two ended up having four children in one go!

Photo credit: Feedy TV

Technically, the couple got quadruplets – one pair of twin girls carried by Anne and one pair of twin boys carried by Chris.

Photo credit: Feedy TV

So the children won’t be confused with their birthdays, considering they really are quadruplets born to two different woman but scientifically coming from the same father and mother, the two moms decided to give birth on the same date.

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