Netizens Praise Girl Who Helps Her Jeepney Driver Dad after School

If you could be born again, literally, would you still wish to be born in your family or would you want to be in a much richer one? Of course, many of us would still prefer to be born again in the same family, with all its quirks and craziness – even if you don’t have a lot of money, right?

That’s exactly how Mary Angeli Camzon feels. The young student posted on Facebook how she feels lucky to have such a great father even if he only drives a jeep because he is the Superman in their lives.

According to Camzon, her father works hard to earn a living to make sure that his kids can go to school.

Kung ipapanganak man akong muli, gusto ko ikaw pa din tatay ko, sa parehong pamilya pa din bagsak ko. Swerte kaya namin sayo ?? shoutout sa tatay naming di napapagod mamasada ng jeep makapagtapos lang kaming magkakapatid. Iloveyou tay!

(If I were born again, I want you to still be my father and that I’d be in the same family. We’re so lucky to have you! Shoutout to our father who works hard driving a jeepney just to ensure that me and my siblings can finish our studies. I love you, Tay!)

But netizens were more impressed upon learning that Camzon used to help her father after school hours, becoming a ‘barker’ for him to get more passengers. After all, there are a lot of kids who feel ashamed or embarrassed to be seen with their parents doing so-called ‘poor’ jobs but Camzon feels proud of her father and actually enjoys helping him out.

Props to this girl for being proud of her father and not feeling ashamed that he is a jeepney driver!

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