Thrifty Woman Travels to Cambodia, Australia, and Philippines from 52-Week Money Challenge

Year after year, many of us make a New Year’s resolution to save money yet most of us fail. Things just happen – there are new emergency stuff we need to pay for, a lot of bills to pay, and other things that just come up. Plus, our salaries are just not enough for us to save money!

But to those who actually saved last year, such are just excuses. There are still a lot of other reasons why you can still save money despite all those expenses…

Let’s all find inspiration in one woman who was able to take a trip to a number of places in the Philippines, Cambodia, and Australia using money from the 52-week challenge. You’ve heard of that, yes?

Photo credit: Stella Marie Encina / Her Brave Soul

Stella Marie Encina shared her inspiring story, telling her readers on blog ‘Her Brave Soul’ how she was able to travel using money from the 52-week challenge.

But before that, she explained that she actually has a number of other savings programs/challenges, works for the family business, and has invested her money so that she actually has extra cash to spare. Plus, she doesn’t have to support her family and her salary is entirely helps, which are big factors as to why she got to save that much money and the luxury to spend it anyway she likes.

Photo credit: Stella Marie Encina / Her Brave Soul

Still, Stella encourages everyone to try the savings challenge, no matter how small or big it will be because while everyone has a different status and challenges in life, it is still good to learn the habit of saving so you can pay for your debts or, like her, have fun with the money you saved at the end of the year.

With the 52-week challenge, Stella was able to save so much that she got to travel twice to Boracay, once to Cebu, then to Siem Reap (she got help from her sister), and some parts of Australia. She pointed out that the Australia trip was quite expensive, that’s why she was glad that she really found business of saving money a serious one as this enabled her to save enough for the trip.

Photo credit: Stella Marie Encina / Her Brave Soul

So, who’s up to join another round of the 52-week challenge? Stella suggests doing it in reverse. While this method is more difficult at the start, the going gets easier as the weeks pass, making it easier for you to stick to the savings challenge.

Let’s do this!