Dad Brings Son to Fish Market after Boy Asked to Visit Sentosa Aquarium

A budget-strapped dad brought his son to the fish market after the boy asked to visit Sentosa Aquarium. He told the confused kid that all the fish were sleeping after the kid asked why none were swimming around! LOL

Sentosa Aquarium at Fish Market

As parents, we all want to provide for the kids, but we can’t always give them everything they wanted. There are times when the kids ask for something that we can’t really provide because we don’t have enough money or they simply wanted something that isn’t suited for them.

Radee Ibrahim from Singapore was asked by his son if they could visit Sentosa Aquarium. The kid must have seen videos of the beautiful fishes at the aquarium on some website and wished he could also see the fishes swimming in that huge aquarium.

The Sentosa Aquarium, formally known as the SEA Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa, is a popular attraction in Singapore. But just like many tourist spots, the entrance tickets are quite expensive.

Photo credit: Radee Ibrahim

Because he can’t afford to bring his son to the Sentosa Aquarium, Dad Radee decided to take him to the fish market to see some fish. The kid is still small and could still be duped a bit that he’s in Sentosa Aquarium but the boy was confused why the fishes were not swimming!

So, the clever dad immediately told the kid that all the fishes were sleeping at the time. Oooops. We’re quite sure the kid will ask to be taken to the real Sentosa Aquarium when he gets a bit older and realized his dad had tricked him. But for the meantime, Radee was able to get out of the expensive ticket purchase. LOL

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