Man Recreates Magic’s “Rude” Music Video for Awesome Surprise Proposal

A man would surely do anything for the girl he loves, especially if he is planning to propose. These days, proposals are getting more and more exciting, with guys going extra lengths to create that perfect proposal for the special girl who caught their hearts.

There’s a guy named Liam who had this genius idea of recreating a version of Magic’s music video for hit single “Rude”. He was even able to get his girlfriend Amy’s dad to participate in the video.

Then, on the pretext of going on a double date with Amy’s sister and brother-in-law, Liam took her to the cinema. Little did she know that Liam had a big surprise up his sleeve – plus friends and family members actually poured in the cinema as the video plays. Amy would only notice them after the cool video has ended.

Feeling a little embarrassed to be the center of attention, with so many of their friends and family gathered inside the cinema, Amy nonetheless gave Liam her resounding “yes!” and everyone cheered.

I especially love how Liam gave the music video a little twist. Instead of Amy’s dad forever opposing the marriage and the couple eloping to get married by themselves, it was him who handed the flowers to Liam as he ran towards the cinema to formally propose to Amy.

Check out the cool video here:

Wedding Proposal Ideas

There are plenty of ways that guys can propose to the girls they love. Here are some of the best ideas you can try for your own proposal:

  • Christmas proposal
  • Birthday proposal
  • Proposal at the spot where you first met
  • Write the proposal on a unique surface (a book, jigsaw puzzle, photo, etc.)
  • Vacation proposal
  • Movie theater proposal
  • At-work proposal (just make sure you clear this with her boss!)