Netizens Saves P69,000 after Finishing 52-Week Money Challenge

MANILA, Philippines- Remember the 52-week money saving challenge that went viral early this year? Well, someone managed to finish the challenge and actually save P69,000!

According to a report by When in Manila, a certain JB Dioniosio used a bamboo coin bank with a copy of the challenge pasted on it to get motivated in saving money. Initially, Dionisio found the first few weeks of the challenge easy as he only had to save a small amount of money per week. However, he started actually feeling the “challenge” during the month of May since he had to spare at least P1,000 per week.



This pushed Dionisio to be more frugal and disciplined in avoiding things he didn’t need. Dionisio said he felt satisfaction in saving the needed amount for the week.

Dionisio also disclosed that budgeting money for his expenses for food, transportation, rent and his insurance was extra challenging for him. Good thing he was trained to save small amounts from the start which enabled him to keep up with the challenge.

“Yung part na, since working na ko, yung expenses for transpo, foods, bayad sa rent namin sa bahay, nagtatabi din ako ng amount for my insurance. Pinipilit ko pa rin magtabi para makapaglagay dun sa bamboo alkansya ko. Malaking tulong din talaga yung small amount na sinasave ko nung simula dahil nasanay ako magtipid na naging manners ko na sya every week,” Dionisio said.

So how exactly is Dionisio going to spend the money he saved?

Instead of spending it for vacatios or the latest gadget, Dionisio intends to use it for unit investment trust fund or as capital for small business franchise particularly siomai business.

Inspired by Dionisio’s incredible money saving skills? Here’s a tip from the successful challenger.

“Just enjoy it lang at wag na wag nyo lalagpasan yung week ng hindi kayo makapagsave sa alkansya nyo dahil maiipon at maiipon yung kulang nyo,”

5 Tricks to Save Money

Are you earning a lot but can’t seem to save money? Here are some practical tips to save for the rainy days.

  1. Avoid or reduce eating out.
  2. Make your own coffee.
  3. Sell unused items.
  4. Buy in bulk.
  5. Wait at least 24 hours before making big purchases.