This “Superhuman” Girl Feels No Pain Because of a Strange Medical Condition

When Niki Trepak of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England gave birth to daughter Olivia Farnsworth, she did not notice that anything was wrong with the little girl. The adorable little baby was just like everybody else… until she turned 9 months old and she began to stop napping.

It came to a point when Olivia would only sleep for 2 hours a day and would be quite active throughout the day despite not getting enough sleep! While babies her age sleep for 12 hours or more each day, Olivia slept for 2… and would sometimes go days without sleeping!

She fell flat on her face and her teeth wounded her lips yet she did not even cry. The first time her mother saw her yawn was when she was five years old.

But the most scary, unbelievable experience happened when she was hit by a speeding car. Witnesses screamed as the little child was dragged 100 feet down the street. While some witnesses were crying over the horror they witnessed, little Olivia got up and did not even cry – even when she had a scrape on her hip and a tire mark on her chest!

Photo credit: Mysterious Universe

Photo credit: Mysterious Universe

So, is she a “superhuman” girl? Possibly Superman’s or some other superhero’s secret offspring? Well, that’s a nice possibility but doctors told Niki that Olivia has a rare medical condition caused by a deletion of Chromosome 6. Because of this, she does not feel pain.

Since she could not feel pain at all, she has not fear of it; thus, even when she was hit and dragged by the car, her body just rolled with the vehicle because she did not tense up. It is possible she would survive a fall from a tall building because of this strange condition but doctors have prohibited her from accepting dares (especially double dares!) as there is still a good chance she might get terribly injured.

There is no cure for Chromosome 6 deletion and Olivia will continue not feeling any urge to eat or sleep yet doctors have given her a schedule to make sure that her body can get the nourishment it needs.

Olivia might not be a real superhuman but she’s as close to one as anybody could get – but her mom calls her the “Girl of Steel”, anyway!