21-Year-Old ‘Dentist’ Operating in Hotel Room Learned Skills from YouTube

While many of us would surely want to save some money by finding cheaper alternatives, when it comes to health, it would be better off if we pay a higher price as long as we are sure that the health professionals we are dealing with are the real deal!

In Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia, a 21-year-old ‘dentist’ was nabbed inside the ‘clinic’ she was operating inside a hotel room. State health officials were shocked to discover that Nurul Nadrizah Mohd Saidi had basic dental tools and equipment inside the ‘clinic’ and was operating as a full-fledged dentist despite not even being a dental student.

It shocked them even more to learn that Saidi only learned her skills on YouTube!

Amazingly, a lot of people have already availed of Saidi’s dental services, possibly because she charges just a fraction of what dentists in Malaysia often bill their patients – no wonder a lot of patients were tempted to go to her clinic.

Photo credit: Bernama / World of Buzz

Photo credit: Bernama / World of Buzz

Saidi had a steady stream of customers to her ‘dental clinic’, mostly tooth fillings and fixing of dental braces. In fact, when the state health officials raided the bogus clinic, the fake dentist was in the process of fixing dental braces for a patient – the latter was quite shocked to find out the dentist was not a real one!

Surprisingly, Saidi was ready to admit that she only learned her skills on YouTube; though she also got advice from her friends.

The young lady pleaded for a lighter sentence from the judge, saying that was getting married soon and that she had just wanted to earn money so she will no longer be dependent on her parents.

So, the next time you go to a dentist or some other medical professional for a certain procedure, make sure to check their credentials to ensure they didn’t also learn their skills on YouTube!

What is a Dentist?

A dentist is a medical professional whose main job is to take care of patients’ teeth, mouth, and gums.