This Pregnant Belly Dancer Mesmerized Her Audience with Captivating Moves…She’s Amazing!

Have you tried belly dancing before? Though the activity seems easy enough to do, it takes great talent to actually move in such quick, fluid motions that I don’t think this activity is right for me. LOL.

But there’s this stunning woman named Sadie Marquardt, a belly dancer known in fitness circles for her awesome workshops and workout DVDs. It would be fun to learn belly dancing with Sadie!

However, there’s this viral video of Sadie which I liked the most. It shows her pregnant – and performing the dance with such joy. I love how she seems to be truly enjoying her performance, not just doing it for the sake of a dance.

It was also obvious that she was pregnant yet she loved shaking her body and it did not bother her at all. In fact, her pregnant tummy did a lot of wonders, different movements than she would have done if there was no baby inside.

Though that looked great, it did spark a debate on social media as to how safe it was for her to go belly dancing. What could possibly happen to the baby inside her while she’s jerking her tummy to the rhythm. After, this was not slow dancing but swift movements!

Well, there’s beauty in her dance, there is no denying that; as for the safety issues, I guess she knew the possible consequences and didn’t feel like those would have a huge impact on the unborn child.

Watch the video and tell us what your think:

Belly Dancing

A Middle Eastern dance showing “torso articulation”, belly dancing has moved to various parts of the world, varying in style and costume depending on the area where it was adapted.

More often than not, the dancers wear long skirts and colorful tops cut at the midriff to expose the belly; thereby allowing the dancer to truly perform a belly dance. In countries where exposing the stomach is prohibited, the dancers often wear mesh cut outs or various embellishments to cover the area.

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