He Gives His Snacks to the Dog and Gets Lots of Great Surprises in Return

It certainly was good karma when a man gave his snacks to a hungry dog, then got lots of great surprises in return.

He was hungry but just before he could take a bite off the street food he bought from a vendor a hungry dog showed up and watched him. The kind-hearted man gave the dog his food even if it meant going hungry for the rest of the afternoon. At that moment, his crush arrived – but he could not offer her food anymore as he had already given his last snack to the dog.

Crushed, the man walked away. Of course this is a fictional story, so the dog understood a lot of things about the man. Throughout the day, it went out of its way to protect the guy’s car and provide him with the perfect window of opportunity to meet his lady love.

Watch the cute story here:


The video’s theme is about love but it really was an ad for an insurance and investment company. Now, how does this relate to investment? Well, in very simple terms, actually.

By giving his snacks to the dog, the man invested something; though he did not appear to realize it. Without him knowing, the dog began to protect his assets and provided him with a chance to meet the girl of his dreams, which translates to the best return of investment for the snacks he gave the dog.

It was so simple and cute yet the insurance and investment company was able to deliver its message with clarity: invest even a small amount and you get something good in return; hopefully, it would be so much better than you would have expected.

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