Kokoi Baldo Cries as Coaches Praised His Excellent Performance During the Live Shows

Reggae artist Kokoi Baldo performs reggae song “Love and Devotion” during the live shows for The Voice Philippines, gaining him the praise of the audience as well as the coaches.

Coach Lea Salonga praised him for showing his uniqueness as an artist and said his performance was truly wonderful.

However, it was Coach Sarah Geronimo who brought this big guy to tears when she praised his excellent performance. She also revealed how they tried to give Kokoi a popular song to boost his chances of winning the competition yet the artist refused, saying he joined the competition for the love of music, not to win. So, whether he wins or loses, he would feel alright with it all.

Coach Sarah’s words inspired the audience – perhaps it would help boost Kokoi’s chances of winning the competition.

Watch his awesome performance in this video released by The Voice Philippines Season 2.


Kokoi Baldo’s Blind Audition

The reggae artist is one of the earliest favorites in the show, with the YouTube video of his blind auditions gaining over 4.5 million views. He turned all 4 chairs, with the coaches even giving him a standing ovation for his wonderful performance.

Kokoi, who had his hands closed for most of the performance of the song “One Day”, was surprised to find all the judges clamoring to have him in their respective teams!

Watch the video of his blind auditions here:

Performance During the Battle Rounds

During the Battle Round against Elmerjun Hilario, the two sang “To Be With You”. Elmerjun also fared well but it was Kokoi who advanced to the live shows.

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