This Drowning Little Girl Was Fortunately Rescued By A Watchful Lifeguard

It was seemingly an ordinary day at the beach when Terry McDermott, a professional lifeguard, noticed something was wrong with one of the swimmers. A young girl was going up and down the water and appeared to getting carried away by the current.

Terry immediately took his shirt off, grabbed his board, and quickly sprang into action.

Fortunately, he was able to reach the little girl in time and then pulled her out of danger. The girl breathed heavily after being saved and expressed a heartfelt “Thank you” to her rescuer. Terry then returned the girl to the worried mom.

Everything was caught on camera since they were filming Bondi Rescue, a TV show about the life of rescuers, on the beach.

You can watch the video segment here:

It’s really heart-wrenching especially when it reached the part where Terry, obviously overwhelmed by emotions, confessed he has lost his son in the past and each time he rescues kids, the feeling resurfaces.

Our hats are off for this eagle-eyed lifeguard!

Swimming Safety Tips for Kids

While swimming may be among kids’ favorite activities, parents need to practice extreme caution when they hit the waters with their youngsters. shared some valuable tips in their post “Drowning Dangers: Keeping Kids Safe Near Water.”

Tom Krzmarzick, MD, medical director of the Regional Pediatric Trauma and Emergency Center at the Children’s Medical Center of Dayton, counseled “When your child is in or near the water, you need to keep your eyes on her at all times.”

In the article, parents with kids are also encouraged to select designated swimming areas to minimize possibilities of danger. It would be better if you would be swimming in an area where lifeguards are. Of course, using proper safety devices such as floaters can be a good idea as well.