Thief Pretends To Be In Coma for 2 Years To Avoid Charges

The conman and his family connived in claiming he was in a vegetative condition hooked up to an oxygen tank.

There are just some people that will do everything for money.

Alan Knight, 47 years old, pretended to be in coma for 2 years just to steal money from his neighbor and escape the possible consequences of it.

man in coma

Actually, the fraudster even went as far as involving his family members in the act. According to the DailyPedia, Helen Knight, the wife, claimed her husband acquired the condition after falling and breaking his neck. Alan, on the other hand, said the injury has caused him multiple seizures which eventually led to him being comatose.

However, the criminal’s darkest secrets were brought to light when several CCTV footages revealed he was capable of visiting a store and driving his vehicle. Also, the police found out that the family has been using their Tesco loyalty club card in different branches across the country.

He was left without a choice when he was brought to the Swansea Crown Court to answer for his misdeeds. Although he attended in a wheelchair and a neck brace, the judge was not convinced.

Judge Thomas pointed out, “His appearance in court now is at variance with his appearance in CCTV footage. Aspects of this case in my experience are unique, and a strong message needs to be sent out to anyone who seeks to adopt similar tactics.”

The judge also added “Although a very accomplished and determined actor, he is nothing like in the condition he claims to be, and the conditions he claims to be suffering from are simply non-existent.”

Alan eventually pleaded guilty to the charges of stealing over £40,000 from Ivor Rchards, his neighbor. He is now facing multiple charges such as theft and false representation.

May this serve as a lesson to any criminal out there who may be planning to try a similar tactic.

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