Thief Drops Phone in Victim’s Car, She Calls His Mom

When Eliza Webb realized that someone had broken into her car and stolen some belongings, she was ready to call the police but she noticed a smartphone left on the seat. So, she checked the phone and soon realized that a teenager owns the phone and was most likely the culprit who broke into her car.

On speed dial, she found a number named “MOM” and decided to call it. A woman answered.

Webb told that the woman how awkward it was for her to make the call but the woman’s son ‘left’ his phone inside her car while some things from there were lost – and she told the other woman that, perhaps, “the two were connected”.

The teen’s mom told her the address so she could collect her things and talk to the teen. When Webb arrived, she saw that the teen looked dejected and seemed to have been crying. He admitted to breaking into her car and taking her belongings.

Photo credit: Good Morning America

Amazingly, the young man revealed that he and a friend had also stolen stuff from ten other cars in the neighborhood with unlocked doors. The teen admitted he and his friend “had too much to drink”.

Since she works in a facility for teens, she knows that this could have been just a one-time thing and that the two were probably out on a dare. So, she decided to just forgive him and not report the matter to the police on one condition: that the teen and his friend return the stolen items and personally apologize to all the victims they had stolen from.

While the story had a happy ending, it was met with skepticism even by the hosts on Good Morning America who believe that the teens should have been punished for their actions.

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