WATCH: These Ingenious Kids’ Version of the Dragon Dance Will Make You Smile

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, the Chinese do the dragon dance. This traditional dance is often characterized by long, colorful dragons paraded around by several people who often use sticks or poles to make the dragon’s head and body move in a sinuous, undulating manner to simulate the river spirit.

This is supposed to bring good luck – it is believed that the longer the dragon, the better the luck it would bring. For this reason, many business establishments, especially those owned and managed by the Chinese, celebrate the Lunar New Year with a dragon dance.

Now, netizen Efraim Eleazar Ortega was able to capture a group of ingenious kids doing a rather comical but brilliant version of the dragon dance in Tacloban City, Leyte in the Philippines.

Obviously, these kids could not afford to create the grand dragons being paraded inside the malls on Lunar New Year yet this did not prevent them from creating one using some discarded boxes.

While two of the boys in the group paraded the dragon around, the others used various materials to simulate the beat used for the dance. Despite not having the perfect version of the dragon, these kids’ performance will surely make you smile.

What a clever bunch of kids! They found a way to earn some money with their little dragon dance. You can clearly see that they prepared for the performance. One of the boys would even carry the other at some point in the dance to make the dragon look bigger and taller.

It is surely a nice initiative…

What do you think of these kids’ performance of the dragon dance?

Kung Hei Fat Choi!!!Hahahaha Lion/Dragon/Karton Dance Tacloban Version :DOnly in the PHILIPPINES!Only in Tacloban!Hahaha kanina po ito sa Avenida Veteranos St. Tacloban City. Hahahaha Watch, Comment, Like and Share Guy’s 🙂 Enjoy!!!

Posted by Efraim Eleazar Ortega on Wednesday, February 25, 2015