Top 5 Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Jobs, Even If the Pay is Good

A lot of companies think that because they are paying their employees a competitive salary, their workers will stay in their jobs forever! Well, while that might be true to a number of people, but many actually seek more from a job than having a good salary every payday.

Here are top 5 reasons why employees leave their jobs, even if the pay is good – and if you own a company or work as HR for one, then you should consider improving on these so you can keep your best employees from leaving the job.

Trust Issues

People don’t want their bosses peering over their shoulders while they work, trying to correct every single mistake they make or wanting to change trivial matters in the job. In short, workers hate it when their boss don’t trust them to make the right decisions in the job.

The best bosses hire the best people; then leave them alone to do the job they are capable of doing. Trust them to do it right.


While many companies believe they are paying their employees a good salary, many also expect that the workers put in more hours for the company – sometimes at no extra pay! While you want to get the most out of your workers, overworked employees are no longer effective.

Not only will your workers be too tired to work, they could also end up hating their job.


As humans, we want recognition for a job well done. Never take your employees for granted. If they did something extra special, especially something above and beyond their tasks, then you should give them recognition. You don’t always have to give them a monetary reward for this – a lot of employees would already be happy with a certificate of commendation from you!


A lot of workers have goals to rise up the corporate ladder or at least move forward in some manner in the company’s hierarchy. While they won’t surely expect to receive a raise or get promoted every year, career advancement is something that is in their minds for the years they work for the company.

No one wants to be in the same job, with the same position, and the same salary for more than 5 years!

No Challenge

Sometimes, even if you give them rewards, offer them higher salaries, promote them every year, and give them a chance to do everything they want to do, good employees still leave – and that’s often because they just got bored with what you can offer.

They probably got bored because they see no challenge in the job that they do in the company.