These Earthquake-Proof Beds Collapse to Protect You During Earthquake

Not everyone can endure the experience of a strong earthquake. Luckily, our intelligent brains have allowed us to invent a variety of clever defense technologies and strategies, like buildings designed to swing at the same frequency as earthquake tremors to lessen damage and injury.

The need for better safety mechanisms is always considered with the occurrence of strong earthquakes which continue to create catastrophes around the world. One Chinese inventor has thought of designing an earthquake proof bed which looks terrifying.

In 2010, Wang Wenxi obtained a patent for his earthquake-proof bed prototype. There is little publicity about the technical conditions of the design, or if it is really going to be produced. Anyway, it is quite easy to get the basic idea- and recognize its many potential drawbacks-from the animations that have been shown online.

Two separate designs were created by Wenxi. Each had different methods for protecting users of the bed in case of an earthquake. One design involves dropping through a center opening of the bed, while the other design shows the entire mattress falling towards the floor, before a metal lid bangs shut, trapping the sleeper inside. Users can make use of anything they may have stocked up inside such as water and food for an emergency, once enclosed in the makeshift shelter. A metal box contains the earthquake-proof bed.

The mechanisms exhibited come with a number of safety matters, aside from the fact that there is no information is given on how users might escape from the insides of their own bed. However, the basic principle of an earthquake-proof bed is still quite a brilliant idea.

Watch the video of how the earthquake-proof beds work here:

Why do earthquakes happen?

An earthquake is one of the most devastating natural disasters specially in high intensities. According to UPSeis earthquake usually occurs when rock underground suddenly breaks along a fault. The sudden release of energy, then causes the seismic waves that make the ground shake.


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