What is Microsoft 70-741 Exam All About? Some Tips and Facts

In the field of information technology (IT), getting Microsoft MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification gives you a significant advantage. One of the most significant benefits of having MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification is, that it gives you an edge when it comes to getting a relevant job. It gives you an extra advantage when compared to other applicants who don’t have the valuable certification for a job. The course establishes you in such a way that you continue to learn new things through your career and also, you move upward on the growth ladder.

Microsoft 70-741 exam that belongs to MCSA Windows Server is a challenging one. If you’re thinking of preparing for 70-741 exam and wish to pass with a guaranteed reasonable and sound score, you need to have a thorough grip on the relevant areas.


Helpful Facts that you should know

  1. Before we come to the actual discussion, it’s important to realize the fact that exams are methodological tests that are conducted in a particular area of a profession or an academic discipline. Of course, while preparing for an exam, you need to prepare seriously. It’s not a kid’s play. You will have to devote a reasonable span of time in studies and make sure that your preparation is thorough before you sit for the exam. You should realize that when it comes to Microsoft 70-741, it’s not just an exam, it is your career path. Instead, it is a way that tests your preparation and study methods.
  2. Microsoft 70-741 exam is useful for tasks that involve networking features and functionalities that are available in Windows Server 2016. You should know about DHCP, IPAM, and DNS. Along with these, you need to know the remote access solutions including VPN and RADIUS.
  3. There will be 40-60 questions, and the number of questions varies as per the technology updates. The exam is available in different languages apart from English.
  4. Use revision guide from official sources: Microsoft revision guide is of great help for you to work on the exam. This guide presents many examples from the exams held in the past. The revision guide would enable you to know the more important parts.
  5. Be a part of group studies. It will help you get great insights from other people and using these insights; you would get useful tips from other people. The group would work as a great platform to work on it. You can join a study group and be a part of the discussion. However, make sure not to join a group that does not have a positive outlook. You can know whether a group is optimistic or pessimistic by just having a quick glance at ongoing discussions.
  6. You need to practice a lot. Practice tests are useful, and they are part of one’s exam preparation. You need to be familiar with the trends of questions. An idea about what sort of questions are going to be asked can help you prepare well for Microsoft 70-741 exam. Taking the practice papers is one of the most important ways of learning the idea of how to solve a problem.
  7. Buy Official Microsoft Training. You need to practice for enough time. You also need to have the right atmosphere. The same you can achieve easily by buying the Official Microsoft Training kit. When you are on the Microsoft’s official training program, you meet with peers, which is good for your learning. You can interact with them and get an excellent chance to move with abundant resources. It will help you prepare a will for 70-741 exam.
  8. Use Microsoft Virtual Academy.Before you get ready to appear in Microsoft 70-741 exam, you may wish to invest in other training tools and resources. The Microsoft Virtual Academy is an area where you can get quality training courses for which you need not spend a single penny. You can get the study material in diverse formats including videos, presentations. These resources will help you in preparing for Microsoft 70-741 exam. Further, you can get such details as infrastructure network, network solution, network connectivity, and IP address management from the sources, which would contribute significantly towards your success.

Tips for preparing for Microsoft 70-741 Exam

prepare exam

Microsoft 70-741 exam is a tricky one. You need to prepare for it in a planned manner. Devote at least five to six hours time for Microsoft MCSA 70-741 Practice Test Questions practice tests . It will significantly improve your performance. The suggestions given below would help in preparing for the exam.

  • Use Microsoft revision guides extensively;
  • Start using Windows Serve practice labs;
  • Joining a study group would be helpful;
  • Refer to Microsoft’s Virtual Academy for additional information;
  • Participate in a practice test;
  • Take Microsoft training;
  • 70-741 baindumps can help you strongly as well;
  • You can get a trial version of Windows Server 2016;
  • Make sure to take the guidance of an expert.

How it helps you in your career

It is worth noticing that when you consider the course for better learning, it makes you move forward in your career. In the case of MCSA Windows Server 2016, you would get a scope to gain access to a new sort of language. Now you are better skilled and have a competitive edge because of the additional training and knowledge.

It will boost your career because it imparts additional skills such as:

  • You could now prepare and install Nano Server;
  • You can choose the right storage solutions for enterprises;
  • You can build and manage images for deployment;
  • You can employ and manage Windows and Hyper-Containers;
  • You plan the migration of a server.

Final words

You need a thorough preparation to pass Microsoft 70-741 exam with significant grades. It depends on the quality of the effort that you put in anticipation for this vital exam. An essential tip for anyone who is looking forward to appearing in this exam is that one should take help of various sources and methods but at the end, should find a strategy that helps you prepare well for the exam. Study hard for five to six hours a day, and practice a lot. It will help you for sure. Your hard work and right planning will help you clear this exam!

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