There’s Money on YouTube: Girl Earns $5 Million by Uploading Videos of Toys!

Did you know you can get rich by simply uploading videos on YouTube? This might sound incredulous and you might think we are trying to scam you but listen up: in 2014, YouTube’s highest earning uploader earned some $5 million for her videos!

Known only as DC or the Disney Collector, the girl has uploaded over 1,600 videos on YouTube – all of which featured toys she would ‘unbox’ for her followers to see. All these videos have one thing in common: she would introduce the toys and unbox them but she would never show her face while she played with the toys.

Viewers could only see her hands and hear her voice, yet no one has ever seen how she looks!

If you think such videos are boring, then think again! Most, if not all, of her videos have millions of hits. According to Emirates 24/7, her most popular video gained over 184 million hits: the Disney Princess Play Doh dress making kit. However, upon checking the link, we found that the video now has close to 188 million hits! …and she had only uploaded this on July 11, 2014.

So, what’s the point of us featuring the Disney Collector here if we can’t tell you her identity? Simple. We are simply sharing the fact that you and anyone with access to the internet can earn money on the web, specifically on YouTube.

How to Earn Money on YouTube

Alright, we can’t say we are experts here on the subject of earning money on YouTube because we still haven’t earned millions like the Disney Collector. However, as what we have observed on the trending hits on YouTube, we can say there really is not telling whether a video would go viral. Thus, our first advice is for you to start uploading videos on YouTube.

In the example above, the Disney Collector was merely uploading videos about toys yet she earned thousands of followers and millions of dollars in earnings! Perhaps it is time you start your own channel. Browse YouTube for popular videos and topics – you can either follow those through or deviate from the popular topics and create your own. Who knows? You just might become the next YouTube star or the next YouTube millionaire?

The key to success is to try and try again. These people surely did not become millionaires overnight. It had taken Disney Collector years to work on the success she is now enjoying. The first videos on her channel were posted some 3 years ago. Many had less than a million views yet this did not stop her from posting new toy videos regularly. Soon, the videos gained millions of views as she gained more and more followers.

She posts videos regularly. We can all see her hard work paid off because she earned $5 million from these videos alone! Wow! So, our next advice is for you to work hard on achieving your goals. Try to post as many videos as you can. Of course, these must be quality videos or you’ll never really gain much traction with picky netizens.

So, what are you waiting for? Go earn your first million on YouTube – and come back to tell us about it when you are successful.