Family Celebrates in the Street with On-Duty Traffic Cop Who Couldn’t Attend Reunion

While most families can easily enjoy reunions and special occasions with their loved ones, there are those who have jobs that don’t allow them the luxury of time. Cops, soldiers, and people in the medical field often have to be on duty during these special occasions and, thus, couldn’t spend the special moment with their families.

In Sichuan, China, a traffic cop surnamed Wong had promised her son that they would enjoy mooncake together and spend the Moon Festival as a family. In China, this festival is celebrated with family.

Photo credit: Oriental Daily

Sadly, Wong’s tour of duty fell on the day of the Moon Festival and she couldn’t skip it because others also had plans with their own families.

So, Wong had to bid her family goodbye and do her work, manning the intersection and helping elderly people cross the street safely. Her son was so sad about his mother not being with them on the Moon Festival that her husband found a way for them to enjoy a family reunion even while she was working.

Photo credit: Oriental Daily

Carrying their younger son and letting the older boy hold the box with the mooncake, the husband initiated the makeshift reunion.

They waited for a while on that spot until it was time for Wong’s break. The family was finally able to enjoy their mooncake as they celebrated Moon Festival – even if they only did so by the side of the street!

Photo credit: Oriental Daily

After photos of the family were posted on social media, a lot of people expressed appreciation for people like Wong who had to sacrifice family time for their jobs in public service.

Many also admired her husband for being understanding and for finding the perfect solution so their son would not feel sad that his mother broke her promise to spend the special occasion with them.

What is the Moon Festival?

Formally known as the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Moon Festival is actually a harvest festival that is often celebrated with family gatherings and thanksgiving for the harvest or the prosperity they enjoyed. In modern times, the family shares mooncake and other food during this special occasion.