Woman Expresses Surprise for Being the Only Passenger in PAL Flight to Manila

While it still is peak season for traveling, one woman found herself the only passenger in a flight from Davao City to Manila! Isn’t that incredible?

PTV Correspondent Louisa Erispe became the only passenger on Philippine Airlines flight PR 2820 on Christmas Eve. The original flight she was on had been rescheduled to an earlier time but while the other passengers received information on the new schedule, the airline wasn’t able to contact Erispe.

Since it was her company that purchased the ticket and the missed flight was not her fault, PAL decided to fly her to Manila despite the fact that she would be the only passenger on board.

Erispe was assigned to seat 31A but was able to pick any seat she wanted because there was no one else on board to take the seats, except the cabin crew who had other seat assignments, of course.

Because the plane was so big and she had it all to herself, Erispe expressed a bit of apprehension that she was ‘alone’ in the flight.

She wrote on Facebook:

Hindi ko alam kung anong ibig sabihin or kung ano dapat kong isipin.

But I’ll be flying alone tonight sa plane. No other passenger, ako lang. Hehe

Kinakabahan ako, hahaha. Ikaw na po bahala Ama 😊

She was ecstatic that the airline still flew her home, considering it was Christmas Eve. She would have probably missed spending time with her family if the airline didn’t proceed with her flight.

Update: Nakalipad po ako ng maayos and nakapagpalipat lipat ako ng upuan.


Though she felt a bit scared at the start, she enjoyed the ‘solo flight’ – and even had fun moving from seat to seat as she had the plane to herself. She even had the chance to take a photo with the crew.

Update 2: Thank you po Capt. Khalil Faustino and the rest of the crew for the safe and remarkable trip. God Bless po 😊

Isn’t she lucky?

Image credits: Facebook / Louisa Erispe