The Surprising Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

Many people are aware of the countless health benefits of eating papaya fruit but only a few know that papaya seeds are also edible. Unknown to many, consuming small amounts of papaya seeds can be good for your health.

Instead of throwing those seeds away, try to incorporate it in your diet. Although it can be eaten as is, it is recommended that you sprinkle it on salads, soups or any dish as a substitute for black pepper. Keep in mind that unlike the papaya fruit, papaya seeds have a  slightly bitter and spicy flavor resembling that of black peppercorns and mustard.

papaya seeds

Here are some of the surprising health benefits of eating papaya seeds, according to

1. It helps you get rid of parasites.

Because of its high levels of proteolytic enzymes such as papain, papaya seeds can help you get rid of parasites in your body. Papain, which helps break down undigested protein waste in your food, also breaks down parasites and their egg. Furthermore, papaya seeds contain carpaine, a unique anthelmintic alkaloid, which is proven to be effective in killing parasitic worms and amoebas.

2. It can be used as a treatment for liver cirrhosis.

Many liver cirrhosis patients have used papaya seeds as a natural remedy for their liver disease. A popular method of incorporating it in their diet is by grinding about five dried papaya seeds in a pepper grinder or crushing up fresh papaya seeds using a mortar and pestle and mixing it with a tablespoon of fresh lime juice. Patients usually drink this concoction twice a day for a month.

If you are undergoing treatment for liver cirrhosis, it is best that you consult with your doctor first since the papain enzyme in the seeds may interact with certain medications.

3. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on our digestive system.

Several studies have shown that extract from papaya seeds can be effective in killing dangerous bacterial infections.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as young children are warned against the consumption of papaya seeds.