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14-Year-Old Girl Creates An App To Help People With Alzheimer’s After Grandma Started Showing Signs Of It

Alzheimer’s Disease is a tricky disease to deal with. People with Alzheimer’s disease are not the only ones getting affected by it, but the family members and all the people around them are drastically affected, too.

This is what 14-year-old Emma Yang experienced when she was around 8 years old. Her grandma began showing signs of forgetfulness. Since then, her interest in helping her grandmother grew.

Timeless 1

When she was about 12 years old, she explored the world of technology and combined it with her love for helping other people. Thus, the birth of an idea for her first application called “Timeless”.

Her vision for the app is to allow people with Alzheimer’s disease to recall faces of friends and loved ones, and with the help its facial recognition, allow the user to know how they are related to the people in the photos.

Timeless 2

If the person is alone with other people he or she could not recognize, they can use the app to capture a photo of these people and the app will try to automatically identify the faces.

The project is quite ambitious for a child to do, but the potential is big. Yang shared in an interview. “I saw a lot of things about how AI and facial recognition were really evolving and being applied in more and more areas, especially healthcare”.

Thankfully, she has mentors that are kind enough to share their knowledge to her and help her build the app of her dreams.

Other features of the app include reminders, contacts, a “Me” page which reveals the patient’s basic information and an alert to remind the patient that they just called this contact recently.

The app is also intended for the caregivers which they can use to assign or follow schedules or call their patients’ loved ones in case of an emergency.

Timeless is a very nice app for people with this kind of disease. Yang said, “There are no apps on the market that really help Alzheimer’s patients with their daily lives. A lot of times people think that it’s not going to help, or the elderly can’t really use technology, but in fact, if you strategically introduce it to them, it’s actually a possibility and can really benefit their lives.”

Watch the amazing girl’s video below:


3-Year-Old Girl Froze To Death After Her Teacher Forgot To Take Her Inside After Play Time




When choosing a school for their kids, parents consider a lot of factors. One of these is that the school should be a safe haven for their child because they will be spending most of their time there.

Parents can relax if they feel that their kids are safe in school. But what would you do if the school you believe was safe will be the reason your kid gets harmed?

Girl 1

This is the unfortunate incident that the parents of a 3-year old student are going through. They are now dealing with their 3-year-old daughter’s death because her teacher forgot to bring her inside when they went out in the -5C degree weather to play, in a pre-school in Moscow, Russia.

Girl 2

It is reported that the teachers only looked for Zakhra Rzayeva after they remembered, but it has been two hours since they took the other students in.

The poor girl froze to death outside and it took her teachers 2 hours to even notice that she was not inside.

The teachers immediately called an ambulance, but it proved to be too late. The little girl was already dead. After what happened a probe has been launched to find out what really happened.

The parents are distraught at the moment. I mean, who wouldn’t be, right? There was an incident where the mother remembers that her child was afraid of one of her teachers.

Their family friend Ramil Gadzhiyev has released a statement on behalf of the little girl’s family.

‘God forbid that any parents have to go through this.’

He had already talked to the teachers and they denied that the child was left outside for too long. They said they played at 11 am and went back in at noon to have lunch.

“That’s what I heard when I asked them – but I don’t know what really happened. Detective work will establish that.”

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#DepressionKills: A Call To Everyone, Don’t Let Depression Take Your Loved Ones Away, Don’t Let It Be Too Late




Depression is a word that we always hear. Some throw the word around carelessly thinking that it’s not a serious issue.

But in reality, depression is serious. In other words, it can kill. There are various stages of depression, some severe cases have intense symptoms such as significant appetite, or weight loss, sleep problems, and frequent thoughts of suicide.

These thoughts of suicide, if not prevented may lead to the actual suicide. They say that those who commit suicide experience a feeling of regret at the last moment before they succumb, but often times it proves to be too late.

Such is a saddening case that flooded people’s newsfeed this morning in February. A talented 19-year-old took her own life because of her depression.

Aubrey 1

Depressing posts

Aubrey So is a talented artist that sadly succumbed to depression. Since the early part of January, she has been posting and sharing thoughts of depression on her timeline.

She also posted an artwork showing somebody who committed suicide, it was “liked” by a lot of people and she even thanked them for that.

Aubrey 6

At this point, we are not sure if any of her friends who saw her series of posts took time to actually approach her or not. But clearly, the frequency of her posts are her cry for help.

Signals and cry for help

She did have friends. No matter how alone she might have felt, she had friends. One of her friends took to Facebook about how devastated she was when Aubrey decided to take her life.

According to her, she already got worried when Aubrey said she will take her own life but was relieved to see her go online at around 5 am.

Sadly, that 5 am chat proved to be their last chat as Aubrey even showed her friend the rope that she used.


Regine Darantinao Tanala posted how she was devastated when she learned that Aubrey was really serious.

Aubrey 2

She showed the 5 am chat, she posted screenshots of the conversation she and Aubrey had. There, Aubrey asked her to send her thanks to their groupmates. She said she intentionally waited for that time of day so people will still be sleeping.

Aubrey 3

Fortunately, Regine was awake and she asked what happened. But Aubrey said that she was supposed to take her life yesterday but she fell asleep so she was doing it now.

Aubrey 4

Regine was startled and even pleaded for Aubrey to stop what she was doing and to not turn it into a joke.

Aubrey 5

Unfortunately so, Aubrey just sent a photo of the rope and said that she was serious.

True enough, that was the last message Regine got before the news came to her.

You are not alone

Here in Rachfeed, we recognize that depression is a serious matter. To those who feel depressed, please know that you are not alone. You have friends and family around you that care for you.

Also know that when a depressed person kills himself, she is not the only who dies. The people around them who love them also feel that void of having them taken out of their lives without having the chance to help.

Depression is serious, but it can be beaten

To everyone, let this unfortunate thing that happened to Aubrey be our eyeopener. Instead of patronizing TV shows and Facebook pages that promote depression and negative thoughts, let’s just focus on giving support.

These pages and show can choose to show support, but showing depressing and negative posts only allow the people seeing it sink lower into depression’s hold.

Majority of the people who are depressed said that they were getting comfort on these kinds of show and pages. They said that the posts make them feel that they are not alone.

But in reality, some of these are just feeding off of their emotions.

So this is a call to everyone who is reading this. If you have someone close to you showing signs and cries for help, are you going to let them seek comfort from these shows and pages?

Let’s all be one in giving support. Let’s let our friends who are suffering know that they are not alone. We are here for them and let us make a way to make them feel that.


DOH launched a 24/7 hotline for those in need. You may reach them at (02) 804-4673; 0917-5584673; and 2919.

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Man Helping His Mom Gets Sucked Into An MRI Machine Dying Instantly




If there is one place where you can 100% entrust your whole life to, that would be the hospital. The goal of every staff is to take care of every patient and will make sure that they are on the road to saving lives. This is their mantra every day.

If there is one thing they must dislike about their job, it would be seeing a patient die in their hands. It is no surprise as hospital staff are trained to treat people to safety. However, this man from India experienced otherwise. His mother was supposed to undergo an MRI procedure and he was holding an oxygen cylinder for her.


The man is Rajesh Maru, 32 years old. Before the procedure, a staff asked him to remove all magnetic items from his clothes including belts and coins.

But after a while, another staff, the ward assistant, told him to take the oxygen cylinder with him which led to the accident.

“We hesitated and my niece Priyanka even mentioned that the cylinder was metallic. But the ward (assistant) said the machine wasn’t on. Maru took the cylinder in, which was sucked into the machine by its magnetic force. Maru got dragged along”, says Maru’s brother-in-law, Harish Solanki.

Little did they know, the MRI machine was already turned on, which immediately sucked the victim to death. The cylinder leaked inside the liquid oxygen, which is fatal, were inhaled by Maru.


The staff that was involved, including the doctor, Saurabh Lanjrekar, Sunita Surve, the attendant the ward assistant, Vithal Chava, were brought to prison and were given charges of negligence.

The body was retrieved but unfortunately, Maru has already passed away. It was reported that his body was found swelling and bleeding.

This is a powerful message to all readers to take all necessary precautions and to question doubtful requests and actions made even by people in authority, such as hospital staff.

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