Teen Asks Boy with Down Syndrome to be Prom Date, Receives Brand New Car

A lot of students who need to go to the prom often have the dilemma of who to take as date. While this is not likely going to be a problem for the popular kids, a number of kids face the problem of getting rejected by everyone they ask.

A 17-year-old boy in Arizona had such an experience when he asked girls to be his date for the prom. Daniel Rivas has Down syndrome – and all the girls he asked rejected him.

Photo credit: Fox5 Surprise Squad / YouTube

Perhaps they already had dates for the prom who asked them before Daniel did, or perhaps they just didn’t want to be his date because of his condition. No matter their reason, they rejections broke Daniel’s heart.

His mother, Tonya Rivas, was definitely devastated by Daniel’s plight but she can’t also force these girls to go out with her son just to make him happy.

Photo credit: Fox5 Surprise Squad / YouTube

But one girl heard about Daniel’s problem and did something that would make the 17-year-old boy happy. Kylie Fronius, a 10th grader, decided to surprise Daniel with a proposal – asking him to be her prom date!

Photo credit: Fox5 Surprise Squad / YouTube

The kind deed made Daniel so happy – and Tonya was ecstatic. She shared Kylie’s good deed and this went viral.

Someone took the time to take my son to homecoming,” a stunned Tonya said. “Words can’t even describe what I’m feeling right now.

It’s not that Daniel has a disability. It’s [that] Kylie didn’t see any disability. That is what your heart wants as a mom.

Photo credit: Fox5 Surprise Squad / YouTube

Fox5 News heard of Kylie’s good deed and decided she deserves to be greatly rewarded for her actions. Acknowledging her kindness, Fox 5’s Surprise Squad brought Kylie and Daniel the best surprise in their lives.

On the day of the prom, a Rolls Royce arrived to pick them up. The luxury ride took the teens to a popular high-class restaurant before the prom, Bistro 57. After enjoying a sumptuous dinner, the teens were brought to the prom – complete with red carpet treatment! Wow!

Photo credit: Fox5 Surprise Squad / YouTube

During the prom, The Surprise Squad host Monica Jackson interrupted the event with a huge announcement – Kylie, Daniel, and their respective families will be treated to an all-expenses paid to Disneyland!

Because Daniel dreamed of completing college and becoming a chef, he was given a $10,000-scholarship from United Nissan in Las Vegas.

But the evening of surprises didn’t end there. Kylie was given a brand-new car!

All you had to do was watch the (original) news story that aired, and you saw a young lady with a huge heart, and she was inspirational,” United Nissan owner Don Forman said.

Indeed, Kylie didn’t ask for any reward in taking Daniel to the prom but she got the best surprise of her life! What a great reward for such kindness

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