Tea Lovers Can Save Money By Reusing Tea Bags

Throwing tea bags after every use? You might want to re-use those bags after discovering their other purposes.

In a video uploaded on YouTube by The Savings Experiment, the many uses of used tea bags were discussed in the two-minute video.

Minor skin irritations such as sunburns, bruises, cold sores, and mosquito bites can be soothed using a used cold tea bag and applying it on the affected area. This actually promotes healing.

Those who want to get rid of dark circles under their eyes can also apply cold tea bags for rejuvenation.

It can also be used as a deodoriser particularly on shoes. Placing used tea bags on footwear overnight can absorb unwanted odor.

Check out what else you can do with used tea bags in this helpful video.


Used tea bags can also be used as a DIY air freshener, deodorising hand scrub, and cleaner for carpets and rugs.

The Health Benefits of Tea

While many people choose to drink coffee for health benefits, drinking tea, which has lesser caffeine, can be another alternative for the health conscious.

Considered as a “super food”, the medicinal benefits of teas had long been proven for centuries.

One of the most popular benefits of drinking tea is its ability to help people maintain healthy weight. A research published in Journal Obesity in 2011 revealed that green tea extracts actually interferes fat formation.

You can actually protect your eyes by drinking green tea. According to a study in 2010, some of components of the green tea have positive benefits to tissues related to the retina of the eyes.

If you want to look younger, then you should drink white tea. Extracts in white tea strengthens elastin and collagen which can inhibit the formation of wrinkles.

Caffeine present in tea also reduces the risk of diabetes.

Lastly, tea drinkers have lesser risk for stroke and heart attack.