Stressed Salesman Experiences Public Meltdown after Failing to Close Deal with Clients

A lot of people envy the lives of salespeople who always seem to be dressed smartly, have flexible working hours, and enjoy lucrative sales commissions. While that holds true for many salespeople, it does not actually apply to all. In fact, there are many in the industry who are constantly stressed out because they could not reach their quota.

Did you know that salespeople have a quota? They might work flexible hours and seem to have a lot of company funds at their disposal, but they have to reach their quota or face the consequences.

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There are many companies that don’t give their salespeople’s commissions if they don’t reach a certain quota. This forces the salespeople to really try their best to find new clients and make sure their old clients pay up or continue using the products they are selling.

A young man recently had a public meltdown after failing to close deals with clients. His name withheld for privacy reasons, the young salesman had been out drinking with a client. He though that this would help him seal the deal; thus, even if he isn’t much of a drinker, he agreed to go out.

While the salesman did his best to enjoy the drinks, he could not make it home the following day. He was eventually found by a concerned passerby who immediately called the police.

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When a policeman arrived, the young salesman began crying as he told the cop everything that happened and how his life had been so difficult because he could not reach his quota. Taking pity on the poor man, the policeman called his wife who arrived some minutes later.

The wife hugged her husband even though he was reeking with vomit. Then, she assured him everything will be alright as they would find a solution to his problem together. The young man kept asking for her forgiveness, but the wife felt he had nothing to worry about.

Photo credit: ettoday

The sweet moment was captured on camera where it would quickly go viral on social media.