Single People Often Live More Meaningful Lives than Married People

Many people often associate the words “sad and lonely” with the state of being single, but contrary to popular belief, single people are actually more fulfilled, sociable and self-sufficient compared to people who have said their “I do’s”.

This surprising finding was based on hundreds of studies reviewed by University of California psychologist Dr. Bella DePaulo.


After looking into 841 studies, De Paulo discovered that single people, despite the negative perception on their status, tended to be happier in their workplaces, more likely to connect with family and friends, more self-reliant and are less negative.

“Increasing numbers of people are single because they want to be. Living single allows them to live their best, most authentic, and most meaningful life,” De Paolo explained.

A research comparing people who have stayed married with people who have stayed single showed that the latter have an increased sense of self-determination and are more probable to experience a “sense of growth and development as a person”.

Another study showed that single people give importance to meaningful work more than those attached.

In the past, scholars have assumed married people will be happier due to the psychological and emotional benefits of marriage including companionship, support, intimacy and caring. However, they have failed to consider the protections and financial benefits that married couples get to have.

5 Surprising Benefits of Being Single

Being single doesn’t mean you’re missing all the good things in life. Even if you don’t have a partner to cuddle with at night, staying single has its surprising benefits.

  1. You have the freedom to travel.
  2. You get to take control of your schedule.
  3. You can invest your time in more productive things.
  4. You get to enjoy more sleep.
  5. You can become more self-reliant.
  6. You have more time for your friends.