Migrant Worker Walks To The Subway Every Night Just To Talk To His Wife And Family

Working far from their family is the hardest thing that every migrant worker has to face every day. Although it is hard, some brave the loneliness just so they can provide a better life for their family.

Thankfully, technology is there to the rescue. People working far from home can make use of technology so that they won’t miss their family.

However, some workers only earn a small amount and paying for an internet package may seem to be a waste of money on their part.

That’s what a migrant worker from China, Ge Yuanzheng brilliantly solved. In October, he moved to Shanghai in order to provide a better life for his family.

It is reported by World of Buzz that he earns roughly 200 to 300 yuan ($31 to $46), he lives with his co-workers in a dormitory and he only spends his money on basic necessities, so he can send more money to his family.

He figured that buying internet credits may not be practical for him, so he found a way to solve his problem.

Migrant 2


He found a subway station that offers a good Wi-Fi connection. At night, instead of going home to rest, he walks to the station and connects to the Wi-Fi so he can call and talk to his wife.

“I don’t want to spend money, but I miss home and want to talk to my family,”

This has been going on for a while until one passerby took his photo and uploaded it to social media. The photo went viral and even his wife saw it.

Migrant 1


At first, the wife was heartbroken to know what her husband had to go through every day just to talk to her but soon cheered up to know that he was doing okay.

During his stay in Shanghai, not once did this thrifty and loving family man visited the famous tourist attractions near him, he fears that he might splurge on unnecessary things.

When asked whether they have an internet connection at home, they admitted that the wife rides off on the Wi-Fi of their neighbor to talk to her husband.

Hats off to this admirable father and husband.

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